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In twenty years of plant care experience, Oasi del Verde has become one of the most important companies in South Italy. It is the author of huge public works like the creation of the “best kilometer in Italy” that took place at the beginning of the new century and the origination of the so-called spaceship , the Regional Council of Calabria headquarter, which became a wonderful botanical garden in the center of the busy city of Reggio Calabria.

Besides  great public works , Oasi del Verde takes care of what it has created,  keeping it in good condition through modern irrigation systems , infections treatments methods (famous are those against the Red Palm Weevil) , avant-garde techniques of pruning , and more.

The company , constantly updated, has been founded by a native born entrepreneur with a strong propensity to activities that ensure the development and well-being of our society. It is always in line with the times and wary to meet its customers’ needs.

In opposition to a progressive damage of Nature caused by human beings , Oasi del Verde aims to restore and protect the Environment, promoting ecology and the construction, as well as the make-
over, of public and private green areas.